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Terms and conditions


Generality and scope of application

These conditions apply to all the sales made by LIGNUM VERITAS on the site. – The conditions may be changed at any time, subject to the right of withdrawal of the user who must notify within 7 days by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or email. – Any changes and / or new conditions will be in force at the moment of their publication in the “conditions of sale” of the site. The “Sales conditions” are those in force on the date of submission of the purchase order.


LIGNUM VERITAS is the brand and the site through which the firm MOBIL HOUSE sas , with registered office in Via S. Paolo, 213 – 37050 ISOLA RIZZA ( VR ) (VAT and Fiscal code 0171 337 023 5 ) sells its products online.

Generality and scope of application

The present SALES CONDITIONS regulate all the sales of LIGNUM VERITAS done at the site. These conditions may be changed at any time, modifications and / or new conditions will come into force at the time of their application. In case of changes ,to the final client will apply the terms of sale in force at the time of the telematic order purchase.

Pre-contractual information

To place an order to LIGNUM VERITAS the customer must fill out an order form on the site and send it electronically by following the instructions that will be given.
– After checking the veracity of the data provided by the consumer and the method of payment, LIGNUM VERITAS will record the order thereby concluding the contract.
– At the conclusion of the contract, the customer will receive by LIGNUM VERITAS an email with a summary of the products purchased, the general sales condition, of any charges and / or additional costs, payment method and how to exercise the right of withdrawal.
In any case, after concluding the contract, the client has still 24 hours time to communicate its possible reconsideration and cancel the order by fax at the number + 39 45 6979210, by telephone at the number + 39 45 7135848 or by sending an email to info@lignumveritas.com.

Terms and purchases conditions

– All prices of products offered on the site are in Euros (€ ) and are inclusive of VAT and shipping costs ( THE SHIPPING COSTS ARE BORDER ROAD ).
– All the products on the site are available in the raw at the warehouses of MOBIL HOUSE SAS which will start to prepare the goods upon receipt of the order. The goods will be delivered only when the MOBIL HOUSE SAS will receive the balance of the order from the customer. Until that time the goods will remain of the company MOBIL HOUSE SAS.
– The items offered on the site are described in a provided product sheets accompanied by an image of the product itself. MOBIL HOUSE SAS clarifies that the images and colors of the articles published on the site may differ from the real due to locale systems and / or the the tools for their display (calibration screen pc).
– Manufacturing defects must be communicated within 7 days of receipt of goods.


Deliveries are made in the territory of Austria and German by a truck service and the delivery is always at BORDER ROAD, to the address provided by the customer when ordering. The address responsibility is charged to the customer.
– the delivery of goods will be within 30 days after order confirmation (as provided by D.L. 21.02.2014 N. 21 …..). At the order receipt, if  the item is not available and  the preparation required a longer time than the above mentioned, MOBIL HOUSE SAS will promptly inform the customer of the new delivery date which will decide whether to confirm or cancel the order. If the customer has already paid, MOBIL HOUSE SAS will return the amount due.
AUSTRIA / GERMANY : once the delivery has been made to the carrier, the customer will receive an email confirming the shipment of the goods. The customer will receive a phone call from the carrier one day before the delivery so that you can arrange yourselves to receive the item.
the consumer will be contacted by email by MOBIL HOUSE SAS in case of delays in delivery when occurring impediments caused by force majeure. MOBIL HOUSE SAS is not responsible for delays due to third parties and / or due to force majeure. MOBIL HOUSE SAS is not responsible for any delays caused by authorized carriers to deliver being these companies independent from ours.
– the delivery is considered completed when the customer receives the good at the address indicated in the contract.
– if the customer is not present at the address indicated on  the order at the time of delivery (for which you will be notified the day before), the courier will leave a notice certifying the attempted delivery. On that notice will be given all the information to allow the customer to contact the shipper to grant a second delivery attempt. If the second attempt has not successful resolution, the product will go into storage at the warehouse of the courier and MOBIL HOUSE SAS will contact the customer to unlock and deliver the product as soon as possible. If this does not happen the product will be resend  to  MOBIL HOUSE SAS . Once the product will be returned to MOBIL HOUSE SAS the contract will be terminated and the purchase order canceled under the  article 1456 c.c.
Once MOBIL HOUSE SAS receives the goods, will refund to the consumer the paid sum  by NET of the shipping charges not been successful,  the cost of returning the same and the costs of storage / custody at the courier. The conclusion of the contract and the amount that will be refunded will be communicated to the customer by e-mail. The amount of refund will be credited to the payment method used by the customer for the purchase.
If the customer asks to receive the purchased product again, MOBIL HOUSE SAS will  organize a new shipment charging the shipping expense, the costs of returning goods to MOBIL HOUSE SAS together those of the storage. Recipient is entitled to check the condition of the delivered product.
If upon delivery the packaging should be clear damage and / or tampering, the customer must give immediate communication  both to the courier and  to MOBIL HOUSE SAS.


According to D.L. 21 February 2014 No. 21 transposing the ECC 2011/83/EU Directive on consumer rights, if the customer is a consumer (ie a person who buys goods not related to his professional activity, that is, does not purchase indicating a VAT number ), has the right to terminate the purchase contract for any reason without penalty and except as indicated below, within the period of fourteen days from the date of receipt of goods. The right of withdrawal is exercised sending, within the provided period as  above mentioned  ( 14 days ),wih a written notice to the registered office of MOBIL HOUSE SAS – Via S. Paolo, 213 – 37050 ISOLA RIZZA ( VR ) ITALY , by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, anticipated by fax or email. The registered letter shall be considered sent in time if delivered to the post office within the time limits provided for above. In case of exercise of right of withdrawal, the customer must return the goods to MOBIL HOUSE SAS, only after receiving permission to return by mail or fax. Such notice will contain all the information necessary to facilitate the return of the goods, including the address to which to deliver the same.
If the client were to exercise the right of withdrawal are AGAINST HIM all the costs of transport / shipment of the product to the MOBIL HOUSE SAS. The risks and legal costs of returning the goods are all charged to the customer. MOBIL HOUSE SAS is committed to a full refund of the amount paid by the same including shipping charges paid by the customer when ordering, with the conclusion of those additional costs arising from the customer’s choice of a type of delivery different from the standard offer. Since the risks of returning must to be paid by the consumer, MOBIL HOUSE SAS suggests to insure the shipment back to the theft and / or damage caused by transport. Such insurance costs are always paid by the consumer.
Under Article 57, paragraph II of the Consumer Code, the customer is responsible for the reduction  value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. For the validity of the withdrawal, the good must be returned undamaged and properly packed, preferably with its original packaging and complete with all the parts (accessories, handles, wooden shelves, knobs etc… ).
Under Article 57, paragraph III of the Consumer Code, only after receiving the product and after checking the perfect condition of the returned goods, or any decrease in the value of the same, will refund, free of charge, with the same method by which you made the payment from the customer in the shortest possible time.
Under Article 59 of the Consumer Code, ARE EXCLUDED from the right to withdraw all those products custom-made or clearly personalized products in any case other than those offered in the site.
MOBIL HOUSE SAS underlines that the right of withdrawal FORFEITS, if after the return of the product, notifies  the missing  external / internal packaging, the absence of product components, an use of the product that make it impossible to restore the pre-existing conditions to the sale, the damage of the product for causes arising from transport.


The payment for goods purchased on the Site shall be effected by the following methods:
PAYPAL a highly reliable system for making payments. The confidential financial details are kept safe on the server paypal where you can easily manage in one place. All transactions are secured through the transmission channel on the SSL 128 bit encrypted.
– Advanced bank transfer:
Branch of San Giovanni Lupatoto ( VR )
IBAN: IT 58 V 05116 59771 00000 0001380

We remind the customer to indicate the order number on the reason of the payment and send proof of payment by fax ( +39 45 6979210 ) or email ( info@lignumveritas.com ) indicating the CRO. After verifying the payment MOBIL HOUSE SAS will send the product as for the order.

Damage during transport

During transport may be that the goods can be handled in an improper manner (in this case MOBIL HOUSE SAS it is not responsible when the product leaves our warehouses) so as to damage the item itself. We therefore invite the customer or any other person designated for the collection of goods to immediately verify that there are no obvious damage on the packaging or in the case of delivery of more than one package to check whether some of them are missing.
In case of missing item, we immediately invite  the customer to indicate, in the presence of the carrier, on the transport document the number of downloaded packages  and the number of missing packages and therefore contact us for the reinstatement of the it / them.
In case of damage to the packaging,  the customer must immediately indicate, in the  presence of the carrier ,the caption  “withdrawal conditional for / why … (specifying the reason for the reserve)” on the transport document; it is recommended that the customer verify, as far as possible,  the damaged part of the package to affix on the transport document the property damage.
We will not accept the CAPTION “withdrawal conditional” WITHOUT specifying the reason.
The company MOBIL HOUSE SAS guarantees the free replacement of the product only if on the transport document is written “withdrawal conditional” and the reason so that they can instruct the courier to arrange for the replacement of the goods without any additional charge.
It will instead hereby replaced the product with CHARGE of expenses, charged to the customer, if after verifying the damage  and sent  the photographic material:
  • thecompanyMOBILHOUSE SASnotes thatthe damage wascausedby the customeras a result ofshocks, falls, blade cuts, misuse….In this casethe following dispatchesreplacementof the item andthoseofredeliverareborne by the customer.
  • thecompanyMOBILHOUSE SAS,iffails toidentifythe causeof the damage,will replacethe product for freebuttheshipping expensesareBORNE BY THE CUSTOMER.
With the delivery of the replaced product, the customer is OBLIGED TO RETURN THE DAMAGED ITEM IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGE for delivery to MOBIL HOUSE SAS.


Having chosen a transport service BORDER ROAD we kindly advise the customer to get help from a third person to bring home products, especially heavier and bulkier.
It’s important to be at least in two persons to avoid the products fall, or they can be ruined hitting an obstacle.
The damages resulting from package with sharp blades and broken due to shock and violent falls occurred after discharge and not on related on the transport document  ARE NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY.